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Sump Pump Systems

Is your current sump pump system unable to keep up with the water coming into your home during even the lightest rain?  At Cornerstone Waterproofing, we use the highest quality pumps, backup battery systems and sump pits to keep your basement dry year-round.  In fact, we only use the patented Saber Sump Pump Pit to protect your pump during soil shifting and ground heaving conditions.

Saber Sump Pit®
The Ultimate Drainage and Radon Solution

With its unique design and built-in sump pump platform, The patented Saber Sump Pit® provides the ultimate in drainage and radon solutions for homes and commercial properties.

The perforated vertical tank face and tier allow previously trapped ground water to freely enter the system and alleviate any damaging conditions that may have formed. These engineered perforations create a natural well effect, which will eliminate hydrostatic pressure and create a dry foundation.

Superior Design. Unlike any other sump pit on the market, The Saber Sump Pit® has a bell shape that anchors it down. It will not collapse under soil shifting or ground heaving conditions and features a large 44-gallon capacity.

Built-In Pump Platform. The built-in pump platform provides a stable base to protect the pump, localize sediment accumulations, and prevent debris from entering the pump intake.

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