Crawl Space Repair

damp, Wet Crawl Space?

We know how to seal it.

Crawl Space Repair

Does your crawl space have cracks in the walls or uneven floors?  Does the smell of the crawl space waft into the rest of your home causing allergy and asthma symptoms?  Remember, issues that start in the crawl space almost always creep into the rest of your home.  The solution?  Call the experts at Cornerstone Waterproofing.  We know how to correct these issues efficiently and affordably.


Not sure if you even have a crawl space issue? Call us and one of our basement experts will come out for a free inspection.  Just call 877-675-1210 or fill out the contact form on this page.

Crawl space repair
  • Interior Drainage System

  • Full encapsulation and moisture control